Through the RFP workshops and program we are on the mission of discovering our unique resources. We come together to support each other in rewriting the story about who we are. The final goal is to create a story that honors and serves us! 
You are here, now .
And if you are like me, you have left the old behind because you are ready to start the NEW, being the authentic you!


In an enjoyable and safe environment, expats are invited to explore oneself, share insights and discoveries, learn from each other, clarify thoughts and emotions, and celebrate the variety of cultures!
You are here for a reason.
Have fun!  

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   I am Valle, a experiantial psychologist and counselor that's a huge fun of humans and their minds. I have an affair with psychology for ten years now and I think it will last forever! My curiosity enables me to meet it everywhere! Lucky me! 
     As an expat myself, I have envisioned the experience of living abroad as an unique opportunity to get to discover new facets of myself, and ways of dealing with specific challenges we face while living in a foreign society. From this perspective, living as a foreigner in the Netherlands has shaped a new way I work with people. It has fostered a greater awareness of the challenges international people face in a non-native environment.  This made me rethink my ideas about humanity, made me more aware of the fact that we are one race: the human race. I am happy to notice and  celebrate the differences between people and the ways we are interconnected and influencing each other.
     In other words, what I have to offer through my services are catalysts for social change. I believe that it makes sense to leave this world a better place.